Drinks in Food Plan?

I make and drink a cup of matcha latte with collagen peptides every morning. Sometimes I have 1-2 cups of jasmine tea afterwards. My first meal of the day is lunch, usually around 1pm. I’ve been writing all of this down in my daily food plan according to the overeating program.

I’ve been wondering if my matcha latte with collagen peptides is considered a food or a drink. Should I continue writing it down in my food plan when it never changes and I don’t have a problem with it? I have urges to go out for tea lattes/milk teas and I plan for those drinks in my food plan, but the drinks I make at home aren’t a problem (probably because I don’t add sugar). Also, sometimes I have a protein smoothie, which is technically a drink, but fuels my body like food. Maybe I’m overcomplicating it. Maybe my “food” plan should just be whatever I’m consuming that day, drinks or otherwise?