Drooling exercise

Hi Brooke!
Enough is enough – I’m done with wanting to eat as much chocolate as I can. I want to not want it. So, because it’s the Christmas season and that chocolate abounds in my house, I’ve devised 100 urges. During the next 10 days, I’ll make sure I’ll drool in front of a piece of chocolate that I put in a saucer on my tablemat 10 times a day. By the beginning of January, I hope to be relieved of my “addiction”. It’s getting better already (I started yesterday). I quite enjoy smelling this piece of food. I wonder if I don’t prefer smelling it to eating it… It’s much more pleasurable in the long run!
And I’m thinking of putting myself in the same situation with other foods like peanuts or with other “triggers”: what if I felt irritated at my kids not paying attention to what I ask them to do and felt ok with it? I wonder how I would stage that situation but that’s the plan. Maybe I could visualise myself not reacting as I used to do?
Anyway, it was just an update – it’s fun to devise a plan to get better and to actually improve, following your directions! I wish you, your Master Coaches and my fellow scholars the very best for the end of the year! Thank you for a very exciting 2017!