drowning in the river of misery

Brooke, I’ve just started scholars but have been trying to apply many of your skills from your podcast for about three months. I’ve made a ton of headway especially with over eating (30 lbs down since January after having a baby in September) but I realize I get very hung up with anger toward my husband that makes me totally check out and then I will eat off protocol. It seems I’m almost blind to it but then I will realize I’m eating off my plan in the middle of a snack. So then I stop in the middle of it. I have been doing thought down loads and thought models on it but I seem to be in the same thought loop once I think I’ve got that one particular feeling or event that caused an action organized. my husband will do something new that makes me think he’s not being fair, I’m unappreciated, my good nature is being taken advantage of, he’s lazy, he’s being controlling ect and BAM snacking….
My question is How many months in general does this take before particularly strong negative emotions are bettered handled and the thought process is and model application becomes more automatic?