A dull life without overeating/overdrinking

Hi Brooke,
Thank you so much for creating SCS! I love it! And thank you for adding in the extras, like the Stop Overeating Workshop. My goal is to weigh 140 pounds by July 1. And my compelling reason is that I want to be comfortable in my own body and I want to learn to keep commitments I make to myself and to stop the endless “chatter” and energy I spend on obsessing on eating/gaining weight/trying to lose weight/repeat – that I’ve done for nearly 30 years of my life.

So, I’ve had no sugar/no flour since December 29 – that’s a whole month! During that time I decided I would still have an occasional glass of wine or two or beer on the weekends with friends. However, I discovered that drinking any alcohol complete stops my weight loss for at least a week after having the drink. So, I’ve also had no alcohol since January 15. I plan to be no sugar/no flour for the rest of my life. I’d like to think I can try having a glass of wine after I reach my goal weight and see how it goes, but if necessary I’ll also give up the alcohol for life too.

I just physically feel so much better. So I’ve lost 8 pounds so far (33 more to go) and a I physically feel really good – great actually. No more energy dips during the day. I sleep soundly at night. And after the first week-10 days of no sugar/no flour I haven’t had any headaches, and my skin seems so much clearer (I’ve been fighting acne on my chin since my late twenties – I’m 44 now – and now it’s gone!) So all good, right?

Well, there is just one problem. . .I think I’m really a boring/dull person now. I did a thought download on this that revealed that most of my life I’ve used food/drinks as entertainment. I’m not sure what to do with myself now that this is no longer an option for me. I find I’m content to just be at home and watch HGTV, or read a book.

I don’t really want to go out with friends anymore, and when I do, I feel restless and uncomfortable. (I’m working hard not to resist those feelings and just let them be there — but I’m pretty sure I’m not great company for others when I’m in this space!) So, now I’m getting worried that I’m going to become a very dull, boring person who just sits at home and watches TV. I don’t want to overeat/drink because I love how I physically feel and the freedom from having to have the constant “chatter” around the food issue. So I did some models on this, but could use some help with them.

C – I’m not eating flour/sugar/alcohol
T – I’m boring; food & drink added some element of fun to my life that I no longer have now
F – sad, bored, empty
A – ? [I am not going back to sugar/flour/alcohol – that is just not an option for me — so I don’t know what my “action” is, maybe “Stay home and watch TV. . .?]
R – sad, boring life?

C – I’m not eating flour/sugar/alcohol
T – My life is different without flour/sugar/alcohol [Tried to change the thought to something believable, but not negative]
F – [I had a hard time with this line, so I asked what do I want to feel in my life: answer was Content, Joy, Connected to other People]
A – ?
R – ?

Where do I go from here? I’m do not want flour/sugar back in my life — I love how I feel physically without them. But, now I’m feeling like my life needs to be completely overhauled since it used to be so centered on “food/eating.” Am I doing this right? Is this the “river of misery?”