Hi there. I’m having a shitty week. I’m down in the dumps because I can’t stop eating shit food (junk food) even though I keep putting on weight. I’m also lethargic as hell because I’m not getting any nutrition in my food. Found out I’m borderline anemic. I’m just lethargic and lazy all day. I feel stuck and trapped. Trapped in this cycle of feeling crappy then eating crap. Wash and repeat. I’m not supposed to be here after months of scholars and CCP. I’m supposed to be basking in my high energy glory due to all the nutritious foods I’ve been eating and the exercise I’ve been doing. In reality, I am on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Watching my days pass me by while I’m lethargic and lazy and eating crap. I need help out of this hole. I’m thinking some thoughts of particular note would be: “I’m having a shitty week”,”I can’t stop eating shit food”, “I’m lethargic and lazy all day”, “I’m supposed to be…”,

I’m having a hard time believing in my ability to change.