Earning money

Hi Brooke,

I just tried to submit this and not sure if it went through or not …

I wrote earlier about all of the things I want to change about my life now and have decided that I’m going to focus on money and paying off my debt. So, earning more money. I want to eventually own my own web design business for life coaches and I am committed to staying at my current job for the next year. I am not able to take on client work while I’m at my current job because of the conflict (I work for an agency as a web designer). But I want to start moving in that direction. So, my thought is to create and sell digital products. But I just keep thinking that there is nothing about me or about what I know that would be of any interest to people.

I keep thinking about the things I know and who I am and I keep taking courses to try to feel better and motivate myself to take action and obviously that doesn’t work. And then I think, what if I can just be myself and make money? I know how to make websites, I love the mindset aspect of everything, I am an introvert who works from home … how do I come up with something that’s a good idea?