Earning more and applying for jobs

I would appreciate coaching on handling rejection and continuing my job search.

Currently, I am working as a teacher and I am not using my masters degree. I want to use it to earn more money.

I just applied for a job and was rejected and went from “I will never get a job” + “I am not qualified enough” “I am not capable” to “rejection means nothing bad about me” and “There is a better match out there”

I am willing to feel and rejection and disappointment and move forward up to courage.

I believe the steps are:
1. Feel the negative through and allow it
2. Think the thoughts that generate WILLINGNESS + COURAGE + OPENNESS
3. Take inspired action from an intentional model
4. Continue applying for jobs

The intentional model I have come up with:

C: Applying for jobs
T: There are jobs out there waiting for me to apply
F: Motivated, willing + courage
A: Identify people who I can set up informational interviews with***
R: Apply to jobs until I land one

***After having allowed the disappointment and sitting with this new thought I actually came up with a genius idea of contacting people for informational interviews, which I have done before. I opened myself up to see possibilities .

YET, as I am also scared again to feel disappointment and stop the process as I my brain is believing “it’s all too hard so fuck it” and I stop.

I would like coaching on rising back up, because yes I am willing to feel scared, yes I am willing to try, yes I am fully aware I can absorb the loss and no rejection does not mean anything bad about me. However the thought “AND I can do hard things” feels more like defeat.

I know I am just protecting myself against a vibration of disapointment and that this emotion is coming from my thoughts and yet here I am. As I am writing this the thought creating resistance is “I don’t like it when it’s so hard” 😀 hahahaha HELP.