Easter candy

I’m new.. officially starting for April. However in advance I’ve been listening to the stop overeating seminar, reading and weaning myself off flour and sugar. The re-training of my thoughts is already helping!
Walking through the kitchen at work, I wasn’t hungry or looking for food. But there was a dish of brightly colored easter candies someone had brought in.

Normally, “unexpected food” like this -and the fact that i could just have a tiny bit- could throw me off track and lead to quick failure at any diet. In fact, my hand reached out almost on its own! (Which was interesting unto itself).

But then I thought: “I’m just not a person who eats sugar and flour”, and it didnt even feel like I was resisting, sacrificing or anything. Worked again, much later, when someone brought the @#$ candy to my desk!

In addition to the no flour/no sugar, I’m working this model.
C: unexpected food happens
T: just a little/I deserve it/I can’t resist(again)
F: I have no willpower/I suck @ dieting/failure
A: continued cheating
R: weight loss failure/start over again & again


C: unexpected food happens
T: I’m not a person who eats flour/sugar AND Im not a person who varies from plan
F: Empowered, I can do this
A: I do not eat unplanned food
R: I can stick with it and succeed losing weight

Thank you!