Easy Goal

I set a goal to have a million net worth in a year. I know it’s possible, I just don’t know exactly how yet. I went to the future and asked my future self how she got there.

She said, “Keep doing what you’re doing. The only think I would change is to be more disciplined with your mind. Stop entertaining the ideas of getting another job or going to school. Stop entertaining the thoughts you don’t have enough money and you’ve screwed up. Be so disciplined and stop them in their tracks. Thank you, but no. This is a once in lifetime opportunity to be home with your children, so enjoy every second of it. It’s happening, just be patient.”

When I think about what my future self said, my brain thinks “It can’t be this easy.”

Here are my models.

C: Thoughts from future self
T: It can’t be that easy
F: Hesitant
A: Second guess what I’m doing, consider going to school for extra money, look for other jobs, look at budgets and numbers and bank account, consult with husband if I should go back to work. I don’t spend time with my children, my husband or dogs, I’m not grateful for what I have, I don’t think about the daily opportunities we have, I don’t think or focus on my health.
R: ?

I’m not sure the result.

Here is my intentional.

C: Thoughts from future self
T: This is amazing it’s so easy
F: Excited
A: Listen to what she said, focus on being disciplined with kindness and intentionally choosing thoughts to practice. Spend so much time with my children and family. Trust that it’s happening. Practice being grateful and proud for what we have created. Don’t spend time looking for other jobs, look at going to school, looking at budgets,  or beating myself up for decisions.
R: ?

What would be the result of this one?

Any advice on these models would be great. Thank you.