Eat off protocol (SB)

My friend wanted to go for lunch today so I didn’t stick to my planned meal. I had a pretzel bun, a burger (no bun) and salad. I didn’t want to eat the pretzel bun but my friend ate it so I decided I could eat one too. I feel ok about spontaneous lunch plans if I didn’t eat the bread but I ate it.

C: bread is on the table
T: Kate ate it, so I’m going to have some too
F: desire to eat bread
A: ate bread
R: bread was consumed, I reinforce lizard brain rather than human brain

I would liked to have not had the bread

C: bread is on the table
T: I can avoid the bread for my future self – I know she will thank me
F: willing
A: felt my desire and left it alone
R: I avoid the bread and build a relationship with my future self.