Eating because of other people’s emotions

Hi. I am hoping I can get a little model feedback and maybe a suggestion on what to do with the awareness. So I often eat due to other people’s emotions. I am highly empathic/sensitive and their emotions often overwhelm me. So today, as I am craving snacks and a cake pop at only 8:30 am and after having ate breakfast.(Note: my protocol right now is 3 meals no snacks as a way to move from eating 5, 6, or 7 times a day to three) I realized I am feeling this way in response to my husband being angry. He is not angry at me but at something completely unrelated. But I can feel it and it is super uncomfortable. Okay, so I broke out my model (note I am newer at these) and did the following. I would like some feedback if I am breaking it down enough.

C: Husband is having an emotion – anger
T: I need to solve, fix or run – I want to control
F: Fear, nervousness, anxiety
A: Eat
R: Not lose weight and not be in alignment with myself and hinder my own relationship with myself

NOTE: the anxiety and fear has nothing to do with any real fear of my husband, he will not yell or take out anger or anything like that – there is nothing to be afraid of at all – this is all based on childhood responses not truly responding to some real fear in the present

Okay so – how is this model? And then what? So I am aware of this but how do I change the thought or the conditioned response? Do I write a new model with different thinking to shift the response? I mean my husband should be allowed to feel his emotions and express his emotions in an appropriate way which is what he is doing. But how do I respond differently. What is the next step?