Eating Disorders/Disordered Eating & the Model

Hi Brooke,

As I’m branching out into focusing my coaching on emotional eating and helping women manage their minds so they can achieve a body and life they love, I’ve been coming across a lot of people talking about how they have an eating disorder or disordered eating and it’s just “not that simple” to change the way they think about things. I also was approached to do a talk but the organizer gave me a list of topics I couldn’t talk about because they would “trigger” the girls who had eating disorders.

How would you approach a client who identifies with having an ED/disordered eating? My perspective is whether they have one or not, it’s about how they think about it – is that correct? Like, would ED/disordered eating be in the C line, or is ED/disordered eating in the T line?

How would you approach them sensitively so as not to “trigger” them?