Eating when hungry and about calories

Hi Brooke
Regarding to the overeating workshop: I can’t figure out how to integrate the “eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full” with eating 3 meals a day, cause I am hungry all the time in between (or …I think so) even when I don’t eat sugar or flour.
Another question is although I totally agree with the fact that the procedence of each calorie is important and not all calories are the same because they are processed differently… calories do count isn’t it? I find that even when I eat only healthy foods I tend to eat much more to satiate myself during the three meals, especially at dinner, and the result is I not only don’t lose weight but I’ve put some pounds on. Weighing foods sound so restricting but should I do that even if I feel that I can’t feel satisfied with them and let me hungry?
Thank you!