Eating in private

Hi Brooke,

I am into my 2nd month of Scholars and loving it…I have started your Stop Overeating workshop but am only about 8 videos in.

I am struggling with this month as I easily can identify the not so great things but am finding it difficult to turn around simply because I’m not used to doing so – I try to just write the “bad” things off of my day and not think of them again.

In doing the significant thing for me; reading yours prompted a memory of my Dad telling me that if I kept eating I’ll look like *insert name of an obese person here*. I grew up thinking that I was fat and that if I didn’t control my eating I would be lonely and ugly like the people he would describe and have therefore always had a shameful relationship with food and now as an adult overeat in private where no-one can see me. I am ashamed of this and my eating habits in general…I guess I would call myself a closet binge eater.

I have managed to turn the story around but the thing is I don’t believe it and am still today eating in private where no-one can see me or judge me except myself (the biggest critic of all). I’m so exhausted by this mentality of beating myself up every day.

Please help – where should I start?