Eating my feelings – or just enjoying cookies at 4 PM too much?


First I’m sorry if my question is silly or if I make mistakes writing it (I’m not english nor American).

I’m new to Scholars and I’m currently doing the “How to feel better” modules. In module 6, Brooke recorded a video about weight. I understand almost every concept except one: what if I don’t eat because of my feelings but just because I love having a snack in the middle of the afternoon and I looove those cookies with a cup of tea? I enjoy eating them because they taste super good and I feel a little hungry between lunch and dinner? And to be honest it’s also like a reward for working so hard 🙂

Am I fooling myself and am I actually eating emotions without knowing? I don’t necessarily feel bad or negative when I do this, so I’m wondering if it applies here.

Thank you very much for your help!