Eating off plan when sleep deprived

Good morning. Question today about weight loss.

I’m in the process of losing my last 5 kgs (after having gradually lost 15 kgs or so over 3 years). I have a good eating protocol, plan daily, exercise etc. However, I am 48 and despite taking HRT recently I’ve struggled with my sleep. I’ve noticed recently that each time I’m sleep deprived I end up eating off plan.

Here are my 2 models on this from this morning’s journaling. I would appreciate your feedback.

(unintentional start with C).
C: last week I woke at 3-4 am 3 times
T: I think I won’t be able to get through the day easily without extra food
F: drained
A: don’t follow meal plan
eat reactively eg accept offered cookies, eat different dinner than I had planned
tell myself I have no energy when I haven’t slept enough and offer my mind excuses as to why eating off plan is the answer to my sleep problem
ruminate on thoughts about not being able to lose the last 5 kg I want to lose
still do my walking for the day regardless of tiredness
helpful action – got in touch with menopause specialist to review HRT as it plays a role (night sweating)
R: maintain weight or even gain a bit rather than lose

(intentional model, start with R)
C: last week I woke at 3-4 am 3 times
T: I will look after myself when I’m sleep deprived through replenishing my energy – one of the ways is to follow my meal plan. Being sleep deprived doesn’t mean I’ll eat off plan, that won’t help
F: committed
A: follow my meal plan
fill in my worksheet when I eat off plan, each time.
make sure meal plans are doable
work on weekly meal plans – simple ones – in advance
tell myself lack of sleep does not automatically equal extra food
think of other ways to replenish my energy in the afternoons
take to ‘Ask a coach’
work on sleep improvement, prioritise this
R: lose the last 5 kgs with persistence & stability but without effort