Eating off-plan with family

My sister and I are making a huge effort to lose weight. 8-10 lbs. Like clockwork, every Sunday we get together with our family and it seems like it never goes to plan. We get with our family and it’s like kryptonite. We grew up basing a good time around food, being together, celebrating, and almost connecting over it constantly. We both want to break this cycle but are having a ton of trouble committing to eating what we say we are going to eat or not abandoning all plans when we don’t know what the menu is and just end up eating whatever.

We’ve also come a LOOONG way of not overeating. We both conquered that well but still there is some piece of us that feels okay, right, and almost willing to give up to have those moments with our family.

We’d love to learn how to follow our plan, reach our goals, and KNOW that we did everything we could to get there!