Eating off plan

In the last 3-4 years, I’ve lost a substantial amount of weight (probably 15-17 kgs) and I am now in the process of losing the last 5 kgs to get to my goal weight. I’ve enjoyed the process. I have been working with a weight loss accountability group for all this time and I have been doing daily and weekly meal plans and following them.

In the past, I used to be part of a weight loss coaching program and I have kept up those tools. But recently – in the last few weeks – I’ve noticed I keep eating off plan and ‘slipping’. Thus for a month or so now, I’m maintaining my weight rather than losing, but more importantly I’m not enjoying the process much anymore.

Can you give me some feedback on my models?

Unintentional model (starting from T)
C: ate lunch off plan again yesterday
T: eating off plan is dangerously close to becoming a habit now
F: scared
A: not pay that much attention or give enough time to my meal plans
not make sure meal plans are realistic and pleasurable – ending up with plans I don’t like & thus don’t pay that much attention to
fall into patterns of following my hunger or cravings directly, without pausing with timer or using urge jar (strategies I know work)
not reaching out as much to my accountability group
follow my low moods by getting back into patterns of overeating
R: going back into patterns of eating off plan

Intentional model (starting from R)
C: various things happen in daily life: hunger (up & down), moods (up & down), work, life…
T: Following my meal plan is not dependent on what happens in my life & what I feel
F: committed
A: follow my meal plans
work on my meal plans weekly so that they’re thought through, doable & pleasurable
use Ask a coaches
use my accountability group for weight loss
use urge jar
use 10 min timer when I have an urge or feel hungry
R: lose the last few kgs I want to lose