Eating on protocol

I want to check my model here, is the thought chain a reasonable way to get to the bottom of things? and each intentional model I should use a separate thought and check the result?
C: 113.4 lb today
T. (my thought “chain” to get to the bottom of what is really bothering me is this: My weight loss plan is not working–>I even started on the urge jar and have been strictly eating on protocol for 3 days now.–> My weight is going up instead of going down –> I’m a failure –> I’m broken –> This will never work for me.
F: This makes me feel hopeless
A: I don’t stick to protocol
R: I am not working for me.
My intentional model would be this:
C: 113.4 lbs
T: Everything is working exactly as it should.
F: Easy
A: Stay on protocol
R: I will be 107 lb in the future. eating is easy

More intentional thoughts and models:
T: I am doing this to show myself what is possible when I do not buffer with food
F: resolved, no matter what
A: stay on protocol
R: I show myself what is possible. I do not buffer

T: I am the one in charge and I want to be in control, set out the protocol, and learn about myself in the process
F: curious
A: Stay on protocol, use urge jar, explore my thoughts and examine them
R: I learn about myself and I stay on protocol