Eating out off plan – does action & result really matter

Trying to lose weight while still being able to go out to eat 1 to 3 times a week.
C = I choose to eat out off plan and drink 2 glasses of wine
T = Here I go again eating out off plan & drinking 2 glasses of wine, not honoring myself and the plan I made.
F = Guilty
A= ?
R = ?

I am not sure exaclty what to put in the A & R lines. I can put a lot of things in either one such as….

1. Gave myself momentum for more F it moments to go off protocol.
2. Gained .8 pounds the next day.
3. Delayed weight loss.
4. Ate sugar filled gelati afterwards.

My question is does it really matter what goes in the A & R line if I know the thought is not serving me to get to my goal and I know I need to reframe my thoughts on eating out AND come up with a plan that works to lose weight while eating out a few times a week? Can you sometimes not dwell too much on putting the perfect words in the A & R line if several things can go there and none of them are serving me and my goals.