Eating out

Here is my thought model: wondering if you can help me with it
C: restaurants closing
T: I live close to many restaurants. I chose a house in a bustling neighborhood with many restaurants and coffee shops. I drove home today taking a turn into a street that is normally FULL of people and restaurants. I was thinking about how sad it was that many of these restaurants will be closing. I have a conflicting thought – that I think it is good that people are eating in their homes and not getting take out.
F: I was already super hungry, and then I felt sad about the restaurants closing and my neighborhood changing
A: Buy restaurant food
R: Enjoyed the hell of out of my Ramen but remembering I had made a commitment to use this pandemic to eat at home as much as possible to save money so i can fulfill my goals, and to just be healthier for myself and for my daughter.

Reverse thought model:
Result I want: Buy restaurant food once in a while (maybe?) and cook delicious food weekly that I will eat all week to my heart’s content and, teaching my daughter a love of cooking and eating at home
A: Cook at home, EAT at home (I have been cooking, but then I don’t eat at home. Today was an example of me not eating according to plan, not that I had a plan)
F: LOVE eating at home. Look forward to eating at home. The hunger in my tummy is no big deal. At peace with and not responsible for the chaos in the rest of the world (this is really hard for me – I am big into being a civically minded person who makes the world better with her choices.)
T: The product that restaurants have is not the product of the moment. The world has evolved rapidly and its needs have changed as a result. Grocery chains, farms, and organic markets are doing better. I need to be there for myself and my mind and my body need me to eat at home, so does my family. I cannot be the everything to everyone. I cant sacrifice my body as a sacrificial lamb for restaurants.
A: I refrain from eating out
R: Follow the plan

Any thoughts on how to “improve” on this?