Eating Peanuts and nuts

I’ve spent years trying to reduce or stop eating nuts but have not made long-term behavior change. I wish I could just not have them in the house but they are a favorite snack of my husband’s so we have them. Also, nuts are regularly at parties and other events where I cannot control if they will show up. I really want to unwind my desire for them.

Unintentional model:
C: See nuts on shelf
T: I need something or nuts are a healthy fat
F: Motivated
A: Eat nuts by the handful without awareness, often before meals
R: Feel sick to my stomach and disgusted with myself

Intentional Model:
C: See nuts on shelf
T: I always regret eating nuts
F: Less desire
A: Close the cabinet
R: Proud

The intentional model feels ok, but the thought of not having regret leaves a lot to be desired. I just can’t think of another thought to unwind the desire. Thank you in advance for the coaching!