Eating Protocol and family dinners

I’m brand new to scholars (though a longtime podcast listener) and about halfway through the stop overeating videos. I’m totally committed (my compelling reason: stopping the constant thought loops that have made me feel crazy for years and years) but a question is edging its way toward becoming an excuse so I just want your clear insight.

I’m on board with no sugar/flour and intermittent fasting, and I want to create a very predictable and simple protocol for myself. The problem is that I am the person who makes dinner for my husband and two children, and we as a family have agreed that sitting down to a meal as a family every day is a high priority. Do I cook for them and then eat my own food? Do I not eat at all when they are eating? Both of those things make me feel a little like a servant. I would love your thoughts and experience with this scenario. Do I make them eat my “protocol” every day? Thank you!!