Eating Protocol Question

I’m trying to figure out my eating protocol. I’ve been using it this week (I start SCS in April). When I’m making my own food and eating by myself it’s pretty straightforward. I already don’t eat sugar or grains and do intermittent fasting, so it’s really about setting my window, deciding what my meal is, and not snacking.

My question is about eating our with other people. What do you do if you have dinner planned, and the plan changes in terms of where you are eating? You could look at the menu in advance, and the restaurant is closed, or the people you are with decide to go somewhere else. I could see how this could happen if you go to someone’s house for dinner and you don’t know what they are making, for example. I can tell them I don’t do grains and sugar (my friends get that about me) but I don’t know what’s going to be served.

Is there a more general protocol that you can use for these meals?