Eating on protocol, for real (Anna)

Hi Brooke, I just got off the phone with Pat and she encouraged me to share this as it may be helpful to others that are seeking to lose weight and just at a slower pace. I met my 30 day goal to lose 10 pounds for September. I have lost a total of 40 pounds since January and I have 25 pounds more to lose.

First, I have to say thank you to Pat, it was incredibly helpful to talk with her and see some of my blind spots! I started SCS in January, eliminated sugar, flour, and dairy in February (after a tutor session with Katrina). Allowed sugar and flour as a joy eat (however, not in the true sense of the recommendations for joy eating, not necessarily planned, tracked, and did not complete the tedious worksheet).

July I excluded sugar, flour and dairy from my joy eating. I have chosen other indulgences for joy – but actually, it has been very rare as I did complete the tedious worksheet and it was completely eye opening.

I set my September goal to lose 10 pounds and signed up to talk with Pat to support this, as I lost 30 pounds over the past 7-8 months. I knew I needed precision. I wrote my weight and food down in my journal. I ranked my hunger before and after and weighed my food the majority of the time. I also ate out much less so I could weigh my food more often. What I recognized was that I snacked (albeit “protocol” food). I eliminated the snacking and 10 pounds just came off. I did have some sabotaging thoughts, like it was too fast, you need more food, this is not healthy. But the truth is, I am feeling really good; my energy is good, my mood is good, and I am productive.

My original goal was to get to 135, but with Pat, I decided I will weigh 125. so this leads me to another 25 pounds to my goal. It’s been quite a journey for my brain to catch up with my present lifestyle. I do find it fascinating how I talk myself into following or “semi” following a set plan. I can certainly see this mentality in other areas. But as I am reminded by your teaching and by Pat’s help, it’s all par for the course in being human. It’s been a fabulous journey.

I want to be certified next year, I am on the wait list.

Thank you for your work!