Eating Protocol

Hi Brooke.
I just jointed SCS this week. I’ve been on one of those 800 calorie, very low carb, medical diets (shakes and bars) for almost 3 months now. It is a 3 month program but I had asked my doctor last month if I could have a 4th month and he agreed to let me. I have been losing rapidly, 33lbs in 10 weeks, and I want to keep that pace as long as possible because I still have 42lbs to lose before I reach my goal. I’ve been watching your overeating videos and now I am wondering if I should go ahead with the 4th month or take the plunge into real food at the end of the 3 months. I know that you do not promote fake food (except stardust bars, of course!) My question to you is whether or not I should be able to keep losing at this pace at least for another month when I switch to food using a protocol without flour and sugar or if I should expect it to slow way down. It has already slowed down to about 2.5lbs/week on the fake food. I am currently 209lbs, 5’9″, 47yrs old, exercising 3x/week by lifting weights and using an elliptical.

My real food protocol plan is:
1 egg scrambled with peppers for breakfast
salad with 3oz protein and 2T dressing for lunch
4oz protein and 1c roasted or steamed veggies with 2T fat (real butter or olive oil) for dinner
starchy veggies no more than once/week, but planning it to be much less
no grains, no flour, no sugar, no fruit
fasting between 6:30pm and 9am

Hopefully that’s enough info for you to have a feel for what my weight will do when I switch from 800cal fake food to real food. I want to go back to real food, but I also want to keep the momentum that I have going now.
Thanks so much for your input!
I’m really excited to be in SCS!