Eating protocols

I’m wondering about all the over eating peeps (this is people in Australian) questions re exact food etc and if I’m missing something. I’ve made a long list of all the foods I am eating and then am having a meal which is made of this. It’s a protein (meat or cheese sometimes both) and lots of veggies sometimes with a whole grain and a scoop of some dressing or sauce that isn’t sugary. Served on a smallish plate. No seconds. No snax. And this is how I have to eat for ever.

Sounds easy but is actually hard because of all the othe stuff in my head and my emotions. . In my head the drama is not about what I’m eating it’s the urges to keep eating

Is this what I’m meant to have got? (I am losing weight btw but have plateaued this week with increased alcohol).

Ps. To go into the drama, I assume natural hummus or tsatziki is okay?