Eating when I feel social awkwardness/saness/worry

I am on a relatively new protocol of only eating once a day in a 4 hour window.
It was have seemed impossible not that long ago, but I have mostly been really enjoying it. Loving the mental clarity and almost feeling the weight falling off. This evening though I found myself eating well past full and I also ate past my eating window.

I think this is the model I had
C: eating dinner with flatmates, argument between flatmates
T: Ah this is awkward
F: anxious
A: eat to do something, fill body in an attempt to go back to what is familiar and “safe”
R: I am uncomfortable in my body and with myself

C: there is a disagreement around me/life is happening
T: It is okay that this is unpleasant
F: Anxious, worried, sad about conflict
A: Sit with my feelings, notice what is happening for me and why I am wanting to reach for more food
R: I can experience emotions without having to act out, “do something” eat, or anything else. I am okay with myself and the entirety of my human experience