Eating when I’m energized

I have noticed that I have gotten better at recognizing my thoughts that lead to negative emotions and then overeating. Recently though I’ve found a new thought feeling action pattern that also leads to over eating. This one is from positive energy. I’m still having trouble accessing these thoughts, they seem very small and very quiet. For example last night I went out with friends, had so much fun and came home late feeling so energized and everyone at home was asleep. I immediately headed for the freezer for ice cream, heard a myself say “I shouldn’t” then told that voice to be quiet and I ate. I then felt more relaxed and clam and went to bed after scrolling through social media (another thing I want to cut back on). After this happened I started trying to find the thought that caused me to reach for ice cream. I am not sure but I think it was simply, “we should have some ice cream”. It seems so duh, like that’s the thought that I felt I had to listen to. It was sooo quiet. Barely noticeable when I was looking back. Thinking it’s probably been a very conditioned pattern in my life. So here is my work to start to de condition that pattern of eating to relax when I have lots of energy and want to unwind. First I should mention I also know I have a pattern of eating when I’m tired to give me energy. Ha what a revelation that was to see how unswerving these two ideas are and how they contradict each other.

Model time!

C: at home after exciting night
T: I should have some ice cream
F: excited ?
A: over eat
T: overweight

New model
C: same
T: I no longer desire sugar or flour. It matters what I eat. My goals matter, I matter
F: calm
A: focus energy on reading a book
R: stay on protocol

Is this right? I want to put feeling excited and energized as my C but not sure that’s factual.