Eating while on holiday

I’m doing well with my weight loss and eating. However, this week I’m on holiday to visit family. I find I’m not following my plans even though I set them daily & they are very generous & easy. I don’t mind having more relaxed eating plans while on holiday – that’s my decision – however I do mind feeling physically unwell which I am finding I do, because of overeating. In particular, I am not a drinker at all as it affects me negatively (stomach & reflux), but on holiday I keep getting offered wine, have a glass or two with meals & my reflux plays up, I sleep badly etc.

Here are my models today. Any ideas welcome. I have 4 more days here on holiday.

Model on Unintentional Thought
C: on holiday with family this week
T: There is a clear pattern that when I’m on holiday I get derailed from my meal plans.
F: disheartened
A: keep telling myself about my ‘inability’ to follow plans / protocols while on holiday
keep making justifications and excuses
spoiling my holiday a bit with thoughts about overeating & ‘inability’
end up not following my plans
R: continue not following my plans when I’m in this mood & put on weight on holiday

Model on Intentional Thought
C: on holiday with family this week
T: I wonder how I can take small steps to look after myself and my eating while on holiday
F: interested / curious
A: take it one day at a time
Think through plan & come up with ideas daily
Not have alcohol (decide in daily plans) as it’s not important to me and regularly makes me feel bad
R: I look after myself during my holiday