Eating while on vacation

I’m currently in Europe and while I’m having a lovely time otherwise, I am struggling with the food situations. All of our hotels come with included breakfast, which is a continental breakfast usually including high quality bread or croissants, butter, jam etc. They are always beautifully laid out and it’s hard to resist. so I find myself eating off protocol, which is eating bread. I usually do intermittent fasting and don’t even eat breakfast at home so that’s a change also. Food is very expensive here so I find myself not wanting to skip the breakfast, since it’s included in the price. All of this makes me feel helpless and I’m eating in a way I don’t like. I don’t feel great and I’m afraid I’m going to gain weight as well.

C: Eating while on vacation
T: I can’t resist these continental breakfasts
F: Helpless
A: Give in, eat the things, don’t plan meals, don’t stick to protocol
R: I reinforce initial thought

C: Same
T: I need to take advantage of this food now even though I an not hungry because food is too expensive
F: Lack
A: Eat the food even though not hungry, don’t look for other ways to eat economically
R: Don’t find other ways to eat

I appreciate any assistance, thanks