Eating with family in town

I am working on refining my model skills. Do these models align? Is there any other insight I may consider?

My family is coming in for a 5 day visit and I have been thinking about how I want to show up for the time that they are here. I want to feel energetic, stable mood, present, fine and just in the moment. As I begin to prepare for the time, I am thinking about how I will show up around meal times and they have talked about all the food and restaurants they want to visit while here. When I think about celebrating around food I feel overwhelmed and think that I will go off plan and just feel shitty. This has happened in the past and while I have gotten better over the years, I still feel nervous that I might throw in the towel and lose control. The truth is that’s not a likely case because I know just how my body will react and then the side effects will make for a miserable weekend. I want an enjoyable visit and to know that I am in complete control of what I put in my mouth. Food for me is not the entertainment of the visit.  The visit is more about being present, feeling alive and steady.

C: Eating while family is in town for a 5 day visit.
T: It’s fine–I can go off plan and eat whatever.
F: Out of control
A: I eat everything in sight because I am with family, my joints will feel swollen, I won’t get quality sleep, I’ll feel bloated, I could put on some pounds, I emotionally eat, waste energy playing mind games on what to eat and not eat because I don’t have a plan.
R: The planned visit I have with my family is not fine and will likely end in regret.

C: Eating while family is in town for a 5 day visit.
T: I know what foods are best for me.
F: Calm
A: Keep it simple and avoid foods with sugar and flour, practice allowing urges, allow two joy eats, my go to is a salad and grilled chicken or grilled shrimp, enjoy feeling fat-adaptive vs. blood sugar imbalance which drives me to become emotional and leads to energy instability, continue writing my food protocol for the day.
R: I have a plan and have the best time with my family.