Eating without a plan

Hi, I have a question regarding urges and meal plans. Eating without a plan looking for fullness and having full availability of many foods (let’s say as when we go to a buffet) generates a stream of thoughts and a feeling of excitement. During the week I have my meals more or less planned and boring, and once in a while I find myself with the desire to eat without a plan, up until total fullness (slightly overfull) with free availability of foods, like in a buffet then. Why? My brain thinks that is exciting, that can make me fully relaxed and satisfied. So this is a desire I can postpone but I ultimate desire to keep in my life (thought being my life is more fun and exciting with it). I can have it postponed for several days, but ultimately I indulge in it. If I consider an urge for a cake, I see the urge, I do not have it now but I include in the plan of tomorrow. Well this indeed what I do: I do not have the buffet now but I live for days with the desire of it and with the anticipated pleasure of it. So it is something like I am rationally choosing to indulge with the experience of food. So it is a meal plan, but it looks to me also similar to an urge. Do you suggest I work my brain around it and find a way to leave these desires out of my life? If so, do you have any suggestions of thought for this?
(probably what I describe is something similar to: I am fine to not have alcohol on a daily bases but I also desire drinking unrestricted once in a while because that is fun. So I am willing to give up drinking daily only if I am allowed to indulge in it once in a while)
Thanks for your help!