Eating & Working Up From Results

Wondering if you can check my work. Last night, I was in a situation where I made the choice to eat frozen yogurt. I’m doing NSNF. After I came home, I did a Write It Down, Learn, Move On worksheet – and got some helpful insights. In mentally reviewing the situation, I see where I started thinking thoughts that caused me to say “Yes” when it was mentioned “we should go eat frozen yogurt”. I was thinking how, for me, starting at what I want in that situation (The Result) makes it easier for me to figure out the thought that will cause that result. So here’s what I came up with – where I started with the result.

C – Words (“Do you want to go get frozen yogurt?”)
T – I’m not eating frozen yogurt
F – Certain
A – I say “I’m not eating any – but you can” (plus allow any urges)
R – I don’t eat frozen yogurt!

Just in doing a mental review, it seemed fast for me to know exactly what I want in that situation (Not eating sugar) and then mentally working up the model. When I came up with the thought first in this situation, it was “I don’t want it” – but that sounds kind of wishy-washy when I think about it. “I don’t want it… buuuuuuut LET’S HAVE SOME ANYWAY!”

The answer is probably… “However you get to the new helpful thought that supports your result is awesome” – but I was wondering if you could check my work. Thank You! And Happy August! 😀