Eavesdropping 101


I got a feeling that October is a game-changer month!
When you mentioned that it will be a month about organizing, I thought you meant only our surroundings but when you explained in the workbook about how to take out all our thoughts and examine them in the same way, I was blown away.

You talk about the art of eavesdropping and I feel it’s like taking the daily work of doing models far deeper, because until now I would do the models from my own thinking.
Now, you are taking it even one step further and say we should do a prep before doing models and shift to eavesdrop our minds.

Since it sounds like the game-changer key in this month’s work, would you explain how actually you are doing it? Physically, step-by-step, like how do you do that shift?
When I tried to do that I don’t see the thought as objective so I understand I am doing it wrong…

With gratitude.

That Screenwriter