(EC) I have come into some financial difficulty.

I am a single mom and I have a business – I have invested a lot of money in myself in terms of coaching and education and I have not been earning that money back.I have done a terribly irresponsible thing (or so my mind says) – I have depleted all of my savings and now I’m feeling the stress of having zero money. I have been working but my income has not been consistent and so now I find myself in a situation where I may have to move back in with my parents (I moved out of their home 2 years ago) and get a full time job,I’m having a hard time shaking this – questions like..”who will be with my daughter”…”who will take her to school..”, “who will pick her up from school if I have a full time job?” (her father does not live near us)I had a coach recently, who kept pushing me not to give up, to continue going with my business, but I’m just not getting traction, I have come to a point where I have to get a job…and although I’m applying, the results of a job and cash injection into my life are not coming in fast enough and I’m totally paralyzed in fear – how will I support my child??I think this is a pattern for me, where I earn money, but I can’t hold on to it – I spend it without planning ahead on how to make it back.So my questions are:1 – how do I uncover why I cannot hold onto my money?2 – How do you stay in a state of ‘creating money’ rather than being stuck in the stress or ‘lack of money’ when the bank account does not reflect this?Thank you