Economic effects of corona for our income and the income of all employees. Feeling responsible and scared.

We have our income from rent (restaurant en shop, real estate). Since here all restaurants, hotels, shops are closed, they don’t have sales, so they announced they’re not going to pay rent March and April. And then see. Besides we have a factory for furniture with +100 employees. The transport is not possible to several countries here in Europe, since the borders are closing, we don’t get new orders in (Clients, shops are all closed). So our income is hardly any at the moment, a thought, I can give you a number as well: income is 10% this month compared with other months the year before. Looking at the infection numbers, scientific numbers, of infections&deaths our country is hit the worst, and it’s going on.

I’m thankful we are 24/7 inside the house and still healthy, but also worried about our income and feeling responsible for all the families that rely in us for their income.

I can’t find a thought that makes this circumstance feel neutral or okay.

C. Real estate income zero, factory almost no turnover
T. We can have this one month, but not longer
F. Scared
A. spinning in thoughts of worry, checking news,
R. ?

C. Real estate income zero, factory almost no turnover
T. We’ll figure it out
F. Hopeful
A. Do what I can and accept that we can’t do much in this situation, Look at the situation day by day, not look forward in future, see what if i can do to bring value in the world in this moment.
R. ?

I have no idea what I better think to be less scared. At the moment we are home, and I have my daily schedule that I keep to stay mentally& physically healthy.
Any suggestion?