Effective Thought Downloads

I would like to incorporate daily thought downloads into my routine but I am having a bit of a resistance to them. I think part of it is I don’t want to see some of my thoughts because of the feelings that come along with them. I also get stuck wondering if they are effective or not, the way I am doing them.

I know thought downloads are discussed in a couple of classes and books, but I am still wondering a couple of things:

Can they be general stream of consciousness writing or should they always have a specific topic/goal decided before hand to be most effective (such as a to do list download or new belief download, etc)?

Should you always do a model right after a thought download or is just getting them out good enough sometimes?

So far, I have managed to incorporate them by merely setting a timer for ten minutes and telling myself to write whatever comes to mind until the timer goes off. I have been able to stick to that but I want to make sure I am taking massive action and not just passive action with them.