Efforts not being worth it, why bother?

Thank you for your precious help, always! 🙂

I’ve been working on my business for 2 years now. I’ve made a few thousand dollars.
I can see the evolution, of course, and truly understand that small steps every day can take me very far. 🙂
I truly believe that trying many things will make this work!! I’m convinced about it in the long run.
The problem is to believe in the execution of every day’s task.
I still feel that my results (the amount of money) aren’t worth my efforts.
When I think this, obviously I prefer not doing anything! Which proves the thought I guess 🙂
So, in the moment of taking an action, since I don’t really believe that it will change anything, I feel so much dread!
I’m actually conscious that I’m creating the emotion I’m trying to avoid but still, I’m stuck!
I want to consider that my results aren’t only measured by the money I make but somehow, I don’t believe it. Please help me!! 🙂

My model:

C. 1 task/day planned in the calendar to work on my business.
T. My efforts aren’t worth it since I don’t make a lot of money.
F. Discouraged/defeated (cannot choose!)
A. Buffering, not taking the next action that is on my calendar, moving my plans, justifying to my partner that I’m in control (justifying to myself!), overthinking…
R. I don’t take the next action & I don’t make money.