Hi there

I was reading an article about the EGO what it means. If you have a high ego normally people would say you are arrogant.

Then I was thinking about myself and my ego.  I’ve noticed that again  I’m really addicted to others approval and appreciation. Just because it feels soo good to get it! They make it so fun, loving and great!

So I either think really low of myself or when I do something good I have really arrogant thoughts.

For example:

yesterday i helped one of the teenagers with his homework after my working hours (i work as a social worker) and then my boss wrote my thank you so much for working so hard.

I had thoughts like: look at me i’m so good, but more in a sense of I’m better than my co-workers. I’m more competent than others. I feel superior and I don’t like that.

HOW CAN I REACH THE PLACE WHERE I LOVE MYSELF and not feel superior or less?