Electric Bill

C- $700 past due
T- I don’t want to pay it in full
F- behind
A- pay $200 at a time
R- keep accruing, never “catch up”

I simply forgot about this bill that I thought was on auto-pay and it piled up quickly. But now I don’t want to pay it in full. I’d rather keep the money in my account and pay the minimum due.

But, at the same time, I feel annoyed when I log in and see a past due balance now. This feels like wasted energy being annoyed, but my actions show it must not be annoying me enough to do something about it.

I’ve tried doing intentional models around this, but I still have this bill a few months later so it must not be effective. Can you help me make an intentional model that will end with a result of zero past-due balance?

Thank you.