Email from my boss – the power of thought work

This isn’t a question, but I wanted to share something AMAZING that happened as a result of me doing this work daily, in addition to doing specific Judge Your Neighbor worksheets about my boss. The situation is that I joined my company 9 months ago and was an opportunistic hire so I believed I was the one in charge of my tasks. When I joined, I learned that part of my role was to produce reports in PowerPoint. I didn’t see the value of these reports, didn’t believe the data was accurate based on how it was being collected and basically didn’t want to do them. How I showed up when I felt this way was to be an emotional child, pout, make it clear I hated this part of my job, etc. In listening to Brooke’s podcast and subsequently joining LCS in September, I was able to see that I had a manual for my boss. I decided to change my thought about what my job should be to “I am going to kill it in my job no matter what”.

I’ve had the opportunity to practice this thought again and again and it’s not yet automatic, but I actively reach for it and it’s transformed my relationship with my boss. When I thought about who I might be without the thought “she shouldn’t be asking me to do this”, I realized that I would be compassionate, that I would be supportive, that I would see my role as in service to our team and our greater goals. I stopped pushing against my responsibilities and stopped thinking I wouldn’t be able to get done the things I thought I was “supposed” to be doing (my thoughts) and decided to think there was enough time for everything. I’d completed the report 2 weeks ago for year end and then my boss wanted us to manually find a lot of data that I wasn’t sure would be useful. On top of that, I had to present this report to our COO on Thursday. On top of THAT, my direct report was sick last week and I had to add her responsibilities to my plate.

I didn’t let that change my thought “I will kill it at this job no matter what AND there is plenty of time to get it all done.” And I did. And I felt amazing about my results. I received this email from my boss this weekend and wanted to share how relationships can transform without the other person changing at all. Mind. Blown.

“I keep looking at this report. Iā€™m in amazement of how far we have come and so thankful you decided to join me on this crazy ride and be part of the team. Not only do I value you so much but I just think you are an amazing human being.”