Email Inboxes

I would love feedback on my models please:

C. I have 2 email Inboxes. One has 1367 unread emails. The other has 369 unread emails.
T. I’m so terrible at this. I can’t keep email accounts running properly. I must be missing important stuff.
F. Ashamed
A. Don’t look at the email. Tell myself I should have kept them running better from the start. Tell myself if I can’t keep simple email accounts running then how can I do “bigger stuff”. Tell myself I don’t deserve to be running a business (or a family).
R. Inboxes keep growing. Don’t run properly. I might be missing important stuff

C. Same
T. Emails have too much information in them and too many steps – look at subject/sender, decide if to open, open and have lots of words to have to read. There is something else I should be doing than all that. It takes too long and is too time consuming.
F. Overwhelmed
A. Don’t even look at the app to avoid seeing the number (of unread emails). Worry. Don’t actually work out what the “other important thing” is that I should be doing.
R. I have important things left undone in several areas

C. Same
T. There are too many emails. People should stop emailing me with things I don’t want. It’s interrupting and demanding.
F. Annoyed
A. Don’t look at email. Delete some email without opening. Don’t unsubscribe. Tell myself I am a bad mother and there are too many requirements from my business. Tell myself I might need these emails later or appreciate the company/group sending me the info, later, so I shouldn’t unsubscribe.
R. There are too many emails. I interrupt my focus by not choosing to either engage or unsubscribe? I demand myself to be available/open to all possibilities?

I think I have even many more thoughts around this topic but I’d love your feedback on the models so far. Thank you!!