Email Subscriptions

I posted this a few days ago and saw a response that was missing the answer but a few hours later when I went back to see if the answer was provided the whole entry was gone.

Do you subscribe to emails lists for a large variety of people/businesses or do you keep it to a pretty minimal number? This morning I decided I want to unsubscribe myself from 95% of what I’m subscribed to, which is a lot. I realized that if and when I’m ready for any particular business help or when there is a particular product I’m wanting I’d search it out then and I don’t need all this noise (my thoughts about it) from everyone bombarding me with emails daily trying to sell me something of their own or their “really good friend’s” new program or product. Really, I have an abundance of stuff already!

I was on your Friday Coach Like email list for quite some time and it was the only one I ever looked forward to because it is so short, easy to read and I get so much from so few words. One of the many things I love about you is that you keep it real and it is only about your business and you aren’t constantly pushing other people’s agenda. That is truly such a rarity.

So, as I was making that decision this morning I was wondering how you keep abreast of what is going on in the parts of the business world you are interested in. Is it only from the podcasts you tune into and the books you read or do you also get info by email? My gut tells me you don’t since you like to keep things simple and minimal.

Loved the extra podcast you recently did on Overwhelm. I just found it this afternoon after I made that decision. So I’m thinking I was thinking correctly about that (meaning I made a decision to cancel things because I feel I don’t need them and they are a distraction rather than making the decision from a place of overwhelm).

C: emails list subscriptions
T: I think I can safely unsubscribe from so much of this and limit where I’m putting my focus each day.
F: clearer, less distracted, confident
A: unsubscribe from 95%of email lists and delete unread or saved emails that I don’t need anymore. Clear out the electronic clutter.
R: Ahhhhh!!!! A zen like state of peace. ✌️