Embarrassed that Im a coach

I feel embarrassed that I am a weight loss coach

I feel like I’m not prestigious enough. I feel like people think that I am underqualified and don’t know what I’m doing. I feel people think that I’m too young and that they don’t take me seriously. People often say to me “what is the point? You’re not a dietician” Or “Oh! Your husband must pay the bills!” or “Did you do an online course? These days anyone can be a ‘coach'”

I know I help clients, but when it comes to speaking about what I do I feel like crawling into a hole because I feel embarrassed or shame. I feel like people think that I am just a ‘housewife’ and that being a coach means that I am not intelligent.

Before deciding to become a coach, I was studying to be a medical doctor. When people asked me about that, their reactions were so different. They would say how amazing that is, and how I have both ‘beauty and brains.

I find myself not engaging in speaking about what I do, and being dismissive and abrupt when making my introduction. I HATE discussing any weightloss topics and responding to comments like “what’s the point if you don’t tell people what to eat?” and “you’re not a dietician?” and “Shame, it must be so hard finding clients…”

The sad thing is, I make it all mean that I am a fraud and that people think that I am not intelligent and am a phony. I am not able to showcase the beauty of coaching and feel empowered by my decisions and have my own back. Instead, I run and hide and navigate away from such topics