Embarrassed to admit I’ve signed up for coach certification

Hello! I could use some help on this model I’ve been living for the last few months. I’d really like to show up in the world in a bigger way – where I own who I am and the decisions I’ve made, but I’m afraid to do so.

C: Enrolled in coach certification and have not mentioned it to family and friends
T: They’re going to think I don’t have my life altogether and that I should never be a coach
F: Embarrassed
A: Don’t tell my friends and family that signed up for course, hide the Self Coaching Scholars screen when people come in my office, hide coaching materials from house guests, don’t answer questions honestly when people ask about my life.
R: I don’t have my own back in recognizing all I have going in my life and that I have a lot to offer as a coach. I don’t show up to create my life in the way I want.