Embarrassing circumstance

So I developed a yeast infection over the weekend and I cant help but feel gross, disgusting, shame/guilt, and worried it might be something worse…Its taking up all my mental space – and I know my thoughts are creating it – but when i’m “in it” I can’t seem to get out of the thought loop…
C: yeast infection
T: i’m gross and disgusting
F: shame/guilt/worry
A: web md, get more worried its something else
R: more worry

C: yeast infection
T: Its just yeast overgrowth – NO BIG DEAL
F: Neutral
A: get rx from MD at work, made gyn appointment in case it doesn’t go away
R: Feel better

But I dont feel better! despite my taking action – i’m still worried and consumed with “what if” thoughts…and beat myself up (which i know is useless) How can i snap out of it!?