Embarrassing self observation BM

Hi Brooke

I have just gotten home from a meeting helping a friend with her business idea. It dawned on me that I help a lot of people with their businesses, I am good at business, I have great ideas and I know how to execute and grow them. I love adding value to other peoples lives and businesses, it provides me with a lot of joy. I have grown multiple companies over the years, mine and other peoples. I go all in 100% on other peoples businesses, then I watch them grow and become amazing and make a lot of money and then I notice a tiny seed of resentment and jealousy as ‘my’ work, ideas, thoughts, effort and heart have gone into other peoples dreams to make them a reality, the truth is, I double down on other peoples dreams but often not my own. Why is it that I will stop and drop everything to help someone else but I find it difficult to go all in on my own business and dreams, I leave my business stuff to the last minute of the day when I am tired, hungry and need to start dinner and be with my family. I have to force myself to work on my business and myself and seem to ‘prefer’ to do it for other people instead, maybe this is some kind of buffer or maybe I am scared to be visible and put my self out there with my own work. Your input would be enormously useful. thank you