Emotion question – indulgent vs allow in worry


Can you explain what is the exact differnece between allowing and indulging in an emotion. For example, I am worried about my 24 yr old son and I notice my thoughts that I tell myself about his “bad & unhealthy”” behaviors vs indulging in the emotion of worry? Somehow, I get that indulging is bad and allowing is good from what I have learned through Brooke’s teachings.

Another example of worrying with my son, is when he was driving late at night from a concert alone and I didn’t hear from him. I woke up at 1 a.m. and hadn’t heard from him and couldn’t reach him on the phone. Overcome with worry, I did tell myself, this is worry however, still was I indulging?
(BTW – he was just home for that night, he does live elsewhere and thankfully, don’t see or know about all his comings and goings:)

Many thanks!