Emotion Vibrations

I have been diligently been doing the work since I have joined SCS 4 months ago, and the learning experience has been amazing. Today I woke up with an emotional vibration that I haven’t felt before or was conscious of until now. It is like my hair standing on end.

Tiny bit of circumstance:
1 year ago $100k year
For 6 months $20k month
For 2 months $32k month

All the functions I performed for a salary I now do for my own business. I have clients asking for business cards and brochures so I went online last night to see what the other businesses in my industry provide which brought up a lot of self-doubt.

I did a thought download this morning to try to isolate a few thoughts that may be causing this emotion and it looked like this:

Why would you think you could do this?
You have employees counting on you!
You can’t do it all.
I will never be able to compete with the bigger companies.
When people I don’t know ask about my service my responses will seem silly.
So many people think I can do this, what if I can’t?

Here is the thing, logically I know I can do it. I love my work and I look forward to working. I love being able to provide opportunities for others. I enjoy providing services to people who were not getting the outcome prior to hiring me.

My question is: is this something I need to work on right now? Do I just accept that sometimes I am going to feel this way? What thoughts could I think intentionally? I see that nothing has changed in the circumstances since 2 days ago and I felt great then.

Thank you in advance for your help.